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Frequently Asked Questions

Engineered marble is simply stone that has been crushed, pressed and bound by resin to create a natural look. Our Stone product is mined from the earth in large blocks that is then cut and polished to your specifications.

Natural Stone, Engineered Stone, and Quartz


  • Always wipe up spills as soon as possible with warm water and cloth or paper towel.
  • Clean stone surfaces with a few drops of non-acidic soap scum remover, or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent. Please note that frequent use of soap scum remover could result in dulling over time and too much cleaner or soap may leave a film or cause streaks.
  • Thoroughly rinse and dry the surface after washing.
  • Blot up spills immediately.
  • Many everyday bath and beauty products contain chemical components that may react poorly with your vanity stone. Please read labels carefully.


Experts recommend the customer re-seal natural stone products 30-60 days after installation by simply pouring the sealer on the countertop and allowing the sealer to be absorbed, then wiping off the excess sealer.


Engineered Marble


Engineered Marble and Onyx provide extremely durable, non-porous surfaces, which resist staining. Routine cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth, or non-abrasive aerosol foam cleaner is all that is needed to provide life-long protection.


To maintain luster and make cleaning easier, periodic applications of paste wax or products like Gel-Gloss may be applied. Use a clean, soft cloth for applying the wax and polishing the top.


All of our products are very durable and lasting. If used with proper care, our products should last you a life time.

Mild abrasives such as automotive polishing compound or baking soda will remove simple scratches in your engineered marble top. Simply buffing with a terry cloth and the compound of your choice, your scratches should be removed. If they are still visible, please call our office and speak to a professional for further options.

Very likely! We offer a gel coat repair kit that can be used in home to repair small and minor chips. Large chips in your vanity will require professional attention. Please call our office for further information on repairs.

Very Likely! Most scratches can be buffed out by hand. There are instances when a professional should be called to polish the scratches from your top. In the event of a chip, for best results, contact a professional.

Please call our office for a list of products that will fit your needs.

Our products are made to withstand normal household usage. In the event of a scratch or chip, please contact our office for repair advice.

We recommend sealing your stone tops every six months to a year.

Yes they will! Your stone slab will arrive to us polished and sealed. Once we have fabricated your top, we will then reseal the product multiple times before leaving our warehouse.

We suggest using a construction grade adhesive such as liquid nails.

Our panels can be custom ordered to fit your needs. The common height ordered for a tub is 5 feet from the tub deck. For a standard shower pan, the height is commonly ordered at 6 foot. If you are looking to order a custom sized shower pan, the height varies around 78 inches.

Depending on your location, we may be able to have one of our sales team members drop by. If we are unable to do so, we can provide you with a local business that will fulfil your needs.

If you are looking to purchase a slab that is provided by one of our partnering companies, you may make an appointment to visit their site and choose your specific slab.

Stone is one of the worlds hardest and most durable, naturally produced substances. Cracking should not be a concern if the product is installed correctly.

Our Engineered Marble product is available in a polished or matte finish.

Our Stone products are available in a polished finish.

Our standard items will be ready in a week’s time. As for custom work, please allow for 7-10 business days.

Our Engineered Marble products are created with your bathroom in mind. We offer a wide variety of vanity styles, shower needs, and tubs.

Our stone products are currently used throughout many homes. This product is heat resistant, durable, and customizable to many shapes and sizes making it a wonderful fit for most projects in your home.

Engineered Marble is a non-porous, stain resistant product.

Mangia Macchia eliminates most of the visible stains you may encounter such as oil, industrial oil, edible oil, coffee, etc. Through testing, we have found this product to be very reliable. You may purchase this product here.